Neurology Conference 2024

Committee Members & Adviser

Neurology congress 2024

Kelli Mauric
Balance the Brain Professional Corp


Sheila Jahan
Clinical Neurologist, USA

Neurology Conference

Stephen E. Nadeau
University of Florida College of Medicine, USA

Neurology Conference

Zhenhuan Liu
University of Chinese Medicine, China

Neurology Conference 2024

Roberto Di Maio
University of Pittsburgh, USA

neurology conference 2023

Nicholas Dogris
CEO at Neurofield. Inc, USA

Neurology Conference 2024

Anna Cornelia Beyer
University of Hull, UK

Neurology Conference 2024

Allal Boutajangout
NYU Medical Center, USA


Anand Pratap Singh
Gautam Buddha University, India

Mental health Congress

Rahul Hajare
Yale University, USA

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Conference Travel Award

We are pleased to announce that Neurology Conference 2024 will be granting the Travel Award to two junior scientists.